Cardano Development

Cardano Development is committed to helping frontier economies develop and prosper,by introducing innovative financial risk management products and services to make people and businesses active in the local real economy more resilient and protected against risk. We prioritize financial markets because:

  • From a frontier market perspective, the financial system as a driver for sustainable and inclusive growth is an essential part of the development process of the country;
  • Developing economies with higher levels of financial development grow faster and experience faster reductions in poverty levels. This provides the fundamentals for income growth and job creation;
  • We believe that building long-term financial stability through improving financial services in frontier markets will help to mitigate the risks for people and businesses in the local economy.

The Cardano Way

Cardano Development focuses on developing innovative financial risk management solutions that are practical and can be scaled-up. Our strategy is to leverage the combined skills and knowledge of the Cardano Development group and its partners to bring high-impact financial risk management innovations to the frontier markets.

In this way, we have successfully created solutions at scale for currency, credit and liquidity risks in frontier market economies, based on financially sustainable business concepts. We work as follows:

  1. We identify market gaps in the financial sector of frontier markets;
  2. Our expertise in risk management and financial markets is used to develop practical solutions that can be applied in these markets;
  3. Based on our extensive network, partnerships are created to finance and implement the solutions on a wider scale;
  4. We communicate our results to the wider development finance community, so our solutions can be used extensively.