BRAND VOICESanlam & NASASA Launch NASASA Financial Services For Stokvels

Sanlam and the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) have launched NASASA Financial Services (Pty) Ltd; a brokerage catering to the financial services needs of the South African stokvel market.

South Africans will save so much money through stokvels this year that they could buy Woolworths in cash

This year, South African stokvel members are expected to save an estimated R50 billion, according to the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (Nasasa).

Not all property stokvels are as safe as houses

Property stokvels that come with the promise of wealth creation can be very appealing. But you need to be careful when joining a stokvel that claims to be investing in property.

The pros and cons of property stokvels

Interest in the concept is on the rise as consumers become desperate to enter the property market, but the chances of being suckered into a scam are high.

SA now has a ‘Boyfriend Stokvel’ Whatsapp group – you can even recycle your ex

The stokvel acts as a dating portal where women can hook each other up with a man they think would fit the singleton perfectly. Should the description of the woman’s ‘dream man’ fit that of your ex, then sharing is caring.

FOCUSThe Social Capital of Stokvels

A traditional, informal means of saving, stokvel investment societies continue to bind communities in South Africa and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Their capital is trust, and their currency a central fund that spawns new opportunities.