Our organisation’s premise and personality.A Learning Organisation

To adapt and stay relevant to our constituency, NASASA operates as a learning organisation, purposefully interacting with our environment and continuously improving our processes based on experiments and feedback. Our learning is driven by the purpose of improving the value proposition to stokvel groups and the broader township economy within a sustainable model.

In order to improve our performance, we adopt a circular value chain underpinned by feedback and learning from interactions with stokvel groups. The most important judge of service quality in our value propositions are stokvel groups. Therefore, the most importantfeedback is feedback from our members. We achieve this by empowering our field co-ordinators to interact with stokvel groups at the edge of our organisation whilst providing them with the infrastructure to organise and co-ordinate their activities.

Our management of the stokvel community is centered around community building, allowing us to drive awareness and influencing positive practices. NASASA has created an environment of clarity, trust, and shared purpose, while management designing and tuning a system that supports learning and performance.
Our developmental activities are aligned through the promotion of a Client-Owner Model. While our products and services are developed and distributed by NASASA, our members own equity therein, which will prove to be a critical wealth creation tool.